Designing Experience

project management / brand / web

In Spring 2017, I led of team of designers and developers to create a brand identity, editorial strategy, and fully customizable CMS for Experience Magazine, an upcoming online publication. This project was completed in collaboration with Northeastern University.
As a former journalism student, this was the most exciting project of my career to take on. Page design and art direction of print publications were my first jobs in the industries of journalism and design, and this project presented the opportunity to start from square one within this medium. I couldn’t wait to begin.
As a university so strongly tied to experiential education, the prompt of a publication focused on this space seemed so natural. The challenge began as we took this pitch from an abstract idea to a live product. That struggle ended up being mirrored in our final mission statement. From this theme, we expanded the scope and structure of the site to focus on how the abstract concept of experience can provide tangible effects to the industries of business, science, and culture.

Beginning visual design was challenging, because we were forced to visualize something that wasn’t entirely material. Previously we had struggled with how to represent and integrate Northeastern’s affiliation through the brand: were they a sponsor, publisher, parent organization? We chose to use their classic red and black color scheme as a gentle nod to their partnership.

Our type choices were influenced by the need to be informative and supportive of long form reading, balanced with the need for contrast and authority.
The site is set to launch soon, so stay tuned for updates.
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