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I will never have enough words to describe April 7, 2018, but this page is my way of beginning.
Scout, the student-run design studio I am now humbled to lead, began with a mission to foster the design community at Northeastern. When our five year birthday hit just recently, we took a moment to reflect on that goal. We had provided unparalleled opportunities for students to grow outside of their coursework, a network of organic mentorship, and an external relationship with industry leaders. But beyond our campus and our city, we were only beginning to make a name for ourselves and the incredible design work happening not only in our organization, but our community.
We conceptualized the Scout conference in early 2017 as our way of staking down the Northeastern College of Arts, Media & Design as a destination for creative thinkers and strategists. And we began planning.
Planning and failing and post-it-noting and prototyping.
Imagining and making and photographed and developing. Spreadsheeting and coordinating and emailing, so much emailing. Designing 8 foot posters and 2 inch buttons and scaling systems to cover a 120,000 square foot fence for a snapchat filter.
In the 1½ year process of creating Interventions: A Student-Run Design Conference, we told a narrative greater than all of us. This was our first—but certainly not the last—large-scale way of sharing our wealth of resources with the design community that exists in all industries, fields, and disciplines.

For the final four months before the conference, I served as the collaterial designer where I ended up wearing several hat such as a speaker coordinator, creative director of panel and talks, and day-of emcee. 🎤

And on April 7, we sold out the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex to a crowd of 300 students from over 25 univerisities and industry professionals across Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

Mark your calendars for April 6, 2019 when we do it all over again!

Check out the conference site here.
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