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In Fall 2016, I worked with a team of student designers and developers to create a brand identity, poster series, and marketing website for startup MeetingHabits, a product designed to improve productivity within businesses.
The product aimed to promote better meetings within companies by providing a smart meeting habit every month and giving employees a platform to track their progress to see improvement over time. We began with a research and discovery phase consisting of competitor anaylsis, audience identification, and project scope. After lots of whiteboarding, post-its, and questions, we were ready to move on to our branding process.
We went through several branding exercises to craft an elevator pitch with our differentating features, personality characteristics of our brand, and what we could and couldn’t be. Meetings are already a boring and bossy subject, so we aimed to flip that perspective.
If we were a person, we'd be a cool uncle.
We were seltzer, not tap water. Abstracting our brand and applying it to people, places, and things allowed us to craft a voice that was complex and nuanaced.
My specific contributions to the project include the print series and visual design of the website. The posters aimed to stand out in a traditional conference room while maintaining visuals that would connect them back to the data-filled emails.

We utilized illustrations on the marketing website as a way to avoid the gimmicky stock photo usage similar to other business ventures. The goal was to represent meetings as being fun — while still maintaining the objective of productivity.
Check out the live site here.
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